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Experience A High Status Lifestyle

Receive all of the strategies you need to start building high status in your marketplace.

Building Local Celebrity Status

No knowledge held back. My mission is to develop more High Status VIPS around the world through this course. As your coach, my goal is to equip you with the proper knowledge and guidance that can help you become a local celebrity in your city.

Become my newest VIP Member today.

Your Course Outline

Every category we cover in the High Status Networking program.

Who is Shungunna?

Shungunna is a business strategist, mastermind speaker and high level consultant to multi-millionaires and influencers. For consulting services, he works exclusively with seven to nine figure entrepreneurs who want to scale their personal brand and business to the highest levels possible on their terms.

Shun has personally worked behind the scenes with entrepreneurs who dominate their industries by leveraging the power of their personal brands. He has spent the last eight years creating life on his terms while advising those who wish to do the same the right way the first time, but only faster.

"Thanks to High Status Networking, I went from living to working to live."


You've taught me to give value & always over deliver! Been making connections everywhere I can & have increased my net worth overall this last year. You're the fu*king man Shun!
It's been an unbelievable journey. I've been connecting with people left and right. It's all thanks to you man, you helped me break out of my comfort zone. Thank you so much for this opportunity.
This last event that I went to, I was able to get 2 new clients and that was all because of the strategies that we talked about at the beginning of our coaching call. At the beginning, I just didn't know how to really network or how to provide value, but you answered that for me. These strategies are fire.

Take Action Now

We've got your back 100%

Helpful Support

I have concierge on standby to help you with whatever issue you might stumble upon. The way the program works will allow you to never really have to ask for help regarding support, but this is in place just in case that does ever happen.

You can also leave a comment in each lesson asking specific questions to cut your learning curve - we'll ensure you receive an answer in detail. We've got your back 100%.

We do NOT offer refunds for this program

Do NOT get started if you can't afford to invest in yourself. We welcome serious action takers only who are not struggling with this type of investment. This program is not for everyone. This program is designed specifically for successful people who want to experience more out of life by attaining local celebrity status through High Status Networking.

Just remember this...where focus goes, energy flows. If you focus on failing, then you will fail. If you focus on achieving your goals, you will succeed and regret nothing. Choose what you focus on wisely because that's what can make or break your life.

I want you to win. Make sure to focus on what will help you succeed.

P.S. We have a 1% refund rate because those who get started take ACTION, and those who don't weren't serious about their goals to even begin with. Don't get started if you're not serious about leveling up.

High Status Networking

Here's everything you get after becoming a VIP member today:

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  • Access to the High Status Networking course.
  • ​Access to networking strategies that are relevant in today's market.
  • ​Learn skills you will use for the rest of your life.
  • ​Learn how to monetize your network.
  • ​Learn how to leverage the power of your personal brand.
  • ​Get night life insights from real experience.
  • ​Learn how to expand your network.
  • ​Learn the networking mistakes to avoid at all costs.
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Get started, take action now and make it happen because you got this!

Your network is your networth, if you know how to monetize connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is High Status Networking?
High Status Networking is a strategy developed by Shungunna to help increase any entrepreneurial venture on the market. Not only does this strategy continue to work for Shun, but it has worked for Shun's VIP Members who have learned and applied the strategy of High Status Networking to their endeavors. This program was designed by a business strategist with real world experience and specifically developed to help massively cut your learning curve.
Do you offer refunds for the High Status Networking program?
Easy answer, no.
We don't offer refunds for the High Status Networking program. We never have and I don't believe we ever will. If you decide to become a member today, it is because you are serious about what you want. Please don't become a member if you aren't serious.
How much does High Status Networking cost?
High Status Networking is all about learning and using proven strategies to become a local celebrity in your city.
We offer a one-time payment option.
Where can I watch High Status Networking?
Watch anywhere at anytime with any device that connects to the internet.
Watch the video lessons in the members only area using your laptop or phone.
You will have access to this online training program at anytime of the day, 24/7, 365 days of the year.
Reference the program when you feel stuck or need to review a lesson to help you get closer to your goal.
What can I learn from High Status Networking?
The High Status Networking program offers a variety of video lessons available to watch for different stages of any social interaction that you may encounter. You can choose to watch video lessons specific to what you need help with.